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Alchemy of Sky and Bone

Holistic Awareness Program

(This is an open & ongoing program.)

Every aspect of us is a facet in the great, interconnected perfection of existence. This is what we come to know and celebrate when we engage transformation work with commitment and support.


This 15 session program brings awareness-opening practice (Zen, Dzogchen) and facilitation through Parts Work modality (voice dialogue, process work, big mind) into union for a potent, playful, wide-open alchemy of evolution. 


The awareness practice offers relief from all identity, touching into the open sky of being. When inhabiting our everyday life and engaging all its demands, there’s space in our sense of self.


This thing we call love begins to spontaneously beam through.

The parts work welcomes the whole span of selves inside us, inviting the exiled and neglected aspects back. Choice of how we show up in life deepens as we embrace the tension of opposites, an awareness that ‘I am this and that, and always more.’        

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The program is divided into three ‘vessels’ of focused work. 


These vessels are:


Expand + Inhabit, Spaciousness and Vision.


Together we discern the particular work we will focus on in each vessel. The following is more a sketch then a complete picture of the possibilities. 


Expand + Inhabit


The work of Expand and Inhabit focuses on contacting, inhabiting and understanding the breadth of selves/parts/energies within the psyche and how they manifest through us.


  • Operating Ego- The everyday selves you cycle through.

  • Disowned Selves- The selves you feel or see as ‘not me’, the qualities or ways of being in others and yourself you fear, disavow or judge. This includes Edge Work- turning towards and bringing your practice into the places in your life where reactivity is strong and understanding and spaciousness are lacking.    

  • Essential Polarities- Here we get into primal energy patterns including Yes and No, Feminine and Masculine, Being and Doing, Sacred and Mundane, etc.            

  • The Three Centers- We tune into and embody the distilled energies of Head, Heart and Gut.

  • Personal and Impersonal- We practice and build facility with the spectrum of energetic connection to people and beings, from totally self-contained to fully open.

  • Obstacles to Transformation- The particular selves/energies that hinder
    your transformation work such as “It Doesn’t Matter”, “I’m too_____ “, “Comfort Sponge”, “Maintainer of the Status Quo”, “Change is Scary”, etc.            



  • You learn to touch in with transpersonal parts/energies through facilitations in energies such as “Timeless Witness”, “Everything Is Ok”, “Not Being Anybody”, “Beauty” and “Great Kindness”.

  • Facilitation revisits key parts worked with in Expand and Inhabit and adds in the practice of shunyata, touching into the dream-like transparency of the selves.



  • We listen to the Unconscious mind through various channels such as waking and sleeping dreams and collage work for parts/energies that are calling to be noticed, heard and included in awareness. We may facilitate various dream characters with curiosity about what they see or want to say.

  • High Dream - Low Dream. There is a part of us with a generative, enlivening outlook on our life. And there is a part of us that doesn’t see possibility. We explore in facilitation these positive and negative visionaries within us and the selves that align or argue with them.            

  • Creative Blocks-- We specifically explore parts/selves that obstruct creative expression. What blocks writing? Why are we tired when we think of rehearsal? What is this voice that says “I have nothing to offer ”?


Practical Details and Commitment
In committing to this program, you sign up to complete 15, 75 minute sessions. 
The 15 sessions can be spread out over time or concentrated as fits your schedule and sensibilities.


You also commit to engaging supporting practices between sessions including a minimum of 45 minutes of seated meditation 5 days a week.


I will provide supplemental writings on the themes and practices we are working with and will be available for email or brief zoom check-in between sessions to support and encourage your ongoing immersion in the process.
By committing to this degree of immersion, it gives enough time and space  for you to put in the necessary energy for lasting shifts in your way of being and for us to deepen our synergy and trust.
The cost is sliding scale $1200 - $2250. You can pay the whole amount before beginning or we can establish a payment plan. A deposit of $150 is required to begin the program.        


Please feel free to reach out with any questions! 

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