Embrace of the Sun and Moon

 Winter 2022

Serving What You Love About Existence -

A Different Angle On Meaning


It may seem obvious to you - that after getting your livelihood, health and well-being in order, the way to make meaning of your life is to help others get the same things in order. Of course, whatever direction you look people, places and things are needing to be fed or repaired or are ambling toward a disordered state. Looking at it from one angle, its all coming apart, the World. Looking at it from another, everything we see is transitioning into a new iteration. If we keep our skin in the game, this demands that we continually give energy to helping ourselves and others hold life together. 


A catch all phase for meaning purposefully made in this way is to Love People. And there are so many people to love and so many ways to do that loving. But!: Existence is bigger than people’s domestic problems, bigger even than living beings, even bigger than societal concerns. The things that can be loved and tended in existence are vast and wide-ranging. We can think domestic and cosmic about Causes. The Cosmic is Domestic, and vice-versa, actually. 


Serving the Forces. Something may be lost when we only consider service through mainstream religious or social-justice lenses. Because you can live meaningfully in service to Beauty, Power or Sobriety. Your reflections, decisions and actions could be made so that the qualities of Spaciousness or Holy Mischief or ??? are brought down from the realm of abstractions and given form, flesh and feeling. Through you they find presence in the world.


You may already be doing so. You may be in full or part-time service to invisible forces. Secretly you may have been enlisted in the army of Amassing, Criticism, or Sleep. Or unknowingly you may have spent much of your life serving Expression, Spontaneity, or Love. Yet knowing that we serve something and discerning that we want to continue serving it, we can then think and engage with it fresh, perhaps putting more energy into how we’re already doing it or thinking of new ways.


Let’s say one of the things you want to serve is Playfulness. Underlying that is feeling that Playfulness is a good thing, maybe even the best thing in the universe, for you. You want as much of it as would be good to be manifested in the world. What might that look like? You could regularly watch comedies to lighten your own heart. Or investigate where you become overly-serious and what beliefs underly that. Or maybe you hang out with kids or the kind of people who laugh frequently. Maybe you take up improv or clowning classes. You could bring humor into everyday situations that need levity. If serving Playfulness is a good thing for you it will give you energy. Serving it will leave you with a feeling of alignment. Serving Playfulness gives something to you as you give something to it. Playfulness, with your help, gives Playfulness to the world, a hard thing to knock.


I wager that whatever you truly love is truly worth serving and when done consciously is a gift to the world. So where are you in this contemplation? There is the practice of sorting out what we truly love. There is the work of clearing away indifference so we’re willing to care and fully invest in something. There is the art of thinking creatively about the way in which we could be of service to this larger force. And there is the practice of fine-tuning how we’re engaging this service, especially if we’ve been at it for awhile.


I am offering a weekend workshop January 29th, Attuning To Your True North, a space where you will be supported with processes and contemplations to explore the essence of what touches and enlivens you and ways you might implement that in your life. We’ll enter questions such as these:


  • What’s your True North? Is your way of being sufficiently engaging the different dimensions of yourself and enlivening your heart?

  • Are you living a life you will feel good about in hindsight?   What else might animate and enliven you?

  • What in this wide world might you serve and thus be served by?

  • What seeds are dormant, what dreams are nascent or delayed, what gifts might you give to the world, and what would you receive in so doing?


This workshop will bring clarity and support commitment to your True North. If you thrive in a more intimate space of reflection, I also do this in one on one sessions. Let’s connect and do this thing together.  You’re alive, it is a life of possibility, it matters.


 Shadow Work Training for Dharma Practitioners Class

Feb 22nd, March 1st and 8th

Tuesday evenings 6- 7:30 PT


Why Would Dharma Practitioners Do Shadow Work?


  • You have practiced for a long time, perhaps you can even access some degree of selfless awareness, but still problematic reactivity springs up with certain people and you don’t know why.


  • You clearly see the reality of death and impermanence but find yourself fretting away energy on things that don’t accord with that insight nor satisfy your deeper longings.


  • You embrace all beings in loving-kindness but a hatred for yourself or grudges toward people in your life still linger.


Meditation practices are deep medicine to clear away identification with and hold in spaciousness limiting experiences about who we are: “ I am my thoughts, I am my body, I am my feelings…” With devoted practice even “ I am “ is seen in a whole new light.


Still, meditation practices may leave ‘embedded’ views, beliefs and prejudices untouched by our insights. Sometimes it seems to effect change one-sidedly, our emotional-somatic being left out of the process of transformation.



Topics that will be covered:


  • Discerning internalized, sometimes hidden, unhelpful spiritual ideals (‘this is how a practitioner should be’ )


  • Exploring ways we might perform being a dharma practitioner that are dissonant with an authentic embodiment of practice


  • Directly exploring marginalized parts of ourselves


  • Parts work with the Five Hindrances, the kleshas, and voices such as ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, ‘I’m too_____ ‘, ‘Comfort Sponge’, ‘Maintainer of the Status Quo’, ‘The Knower’ and more


Suggested Donation $45- 90

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I continue to offer one-on-one sessions on a sliding scale. It is my joy to serve and be an ally in your spiritual, emotional and creative flourishing. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly rhythms as well as a limited batch of focused sessions of work together are possible. 

I am also offering one off 45 minute ‘laser-style’ coaching sessions for $50.


  • Highly focused sessions zeroing in on the heart of what you’re meeting in your practice.

  • May include voice dialogue, somatic energy work, meditation coaching, dream exploration and more.

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