Embrace of the Sun and Moon

Spring 2022

Heart, spontaneity and spaciousness. These are the crux of my practice and my work with others, the thread I follow as my life weaves moment by moment and day by day.


Because of spaciousness, there is heart. I can't embrace everything that arises in myself or others, but spaciousness can. Spaciousness gives me heart.


Because of spaciousness, there is spontaneity. Life’s colors, the shades of myself and others, spring up fresh and sudden, wildflowers of nowness. The sudden springing of life is spontaneity's spaciousness, and therefore boredom becomes extinct. 


Spontaneously spaciousness shimmers and simmers. This is closer than close, so close we’re like fish in our native element that as a matter of course forgot the meaning of wet.


Heart is this intimate space of shimmering and simmering articulating as we feeling, thinking, meaning-seeking bodies that thrive in and on the tender.


I think learning to float in a lively ocean of tender is a very beautiful and very bottomless thing, the Great Work.


The Great Work with our world, selves, Self and no-self, these different metaphors, names and angles on the mystery ( that needs none of this naming ), could be boiled down to these essences: heart, spontaneity and spaciousness.


But how would you say it?

March's Shadow Work For Dharma Practitioners Intro class was a success. Why do I think that?: about two dozen folks came together and took an intimate look at themselves at what is hard to see yet ultimately delicious to behold.


The next group foray into that work, Shadow Work For Dharma Practitioners: Stepping Into The Vessel, is open to people who completed my intro class or who have some previous experience with shadow work. This is going to be limited to 12 people and as of this email, i have 8 spots open.

June 7th -28th. 4 Sessions, Tuesdays 6 - 8pm PT / 9 - 11pm ET

Each session will include:


  • An opening teaching on the mandala of self and the shadow.

  • Witnessed one on one & group Voice Dialogue facilitations with some added dimensions

  • Dyadic inquiry work- breakout rooms of two where we take up mutual inquiry for peeling away whatever obscures authenticity and stepping into radical vulnerability. Ex. of questions that might be brought in: ‘what in you is outside of love?’

  • Edge work and accountability- edge work is when we identify places of fear, othering, and/or indifference about presences in ourselves and our life and intentionally take actions to step into that action, relationship, way of being, etc…. We will make commitments in the presence of each other and check in about how that is unfolding.

  • Embodiment meditations

Drawing from my training in Realization Process, we will cultivate a fuller inhabitation of the physical, emotional and subtle bodies.


Sliding scale fee $100 - 250.   No sincere applicant turned away for lack of funds.


For some folks, this work is best done one-on one, so for those who are curious about undertaking that with me, please reach out and we can discuss possibilities

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