Summer Newsletter 2021

Hey!  Happy Summer. I hope you are finding ample time to play in the sunshine and rest in the shade. If not i hope that you are easy as can be with what life is bringing forward.


One of the jobs of a teacher is to be a re-minder of what we already know and to point over and over to that treasure we sometimes call spirit, Mind, heart or soul. The pickle is that you can't really point to it - this treasure isn't tucked away, hidden inside the flesh body, nor is it sitting in the ordinary light of day, like a poppy pushing up through a crack in the sidewalk.  Or is it?


How do we find and open something that isn't hidden or clearly apparent? First we have to want to find it, inhabit that wanting and want to be animated by this wantings' heat. Desire.


Then we can begin to put ourselves into, maybe even fall in love with, the key practices that have been passed along for finding and opening this treasure.


One way to think of them is like this:


Waking is activating unwound awareness, a space so awake and in our face, it tends to be a secret.


Seeing is our capacity to apply that unwound awareness to know much less biased, penetrating and clear. We take stock of whatever rubbish we see in the mind that might occlude our view.


Surrendering is our capacity to not lean in or lean out of what is happening, but to be this, utterly consenting.


Visioning is our capacity for curiosity, to see where and what we are, simultaneous with seeing where and what we could be.

And taking action on that seeing.


Let's help each other with all of this. I too often wander off, dreaming of all the shiny things, not knowing the rubbish and the ruts, and not just the radiance, is soul's/spirit's/Mind's/heart's intimate treasure. I think we need each other to open what we most truly are. Below are some ways that we can join together in this opening.


With love & respect,




Universe Somatic,  a practice where we are playing with and enjoying a new alchemy of spiritual practice, continues on Monday evenings, from 5:30- 7:15 PST


I'm leading an on site and online retreat on the meditation poems of Cultivating the Empty Field July 19 -25 and two Transforming The Inner Critic workshops in August, on at Great Vow Monastery and one online.



A new blog post: On Identity, is an excerpt from a book tentatively titled Somebody, Nobody, Everybody that i'm working on. "Identity is both something we are doing and something being done to us. This doing can be done and received differently.."




Some interesting and encouraging things emerging in my work with clients:


  • Discovering and rediscovering vibrant emotions, negative or positive, as currents of nourishing energy.

  • Dream images as windows into awakeness.

  • Natal birth charts as a map of the multiplicitous selves 

  • So called energetic opposites co-habitating in one body, custom tuning the alchemy, with no need for tension to resolve.

  • Exploring the clients artwork together as a living emblem of inner movements.

  • Clients plunging into the voice/energy of someone in close relation, emerging both illuminated and pleasantly stunned.

I continue to facilitate two ongoing monthly group offerings for the Integral Life Practice community, a guided non-dual awareness practice called Zero to Awake and No Hindrance, a practice joining voice dialogue and awareness to work with spiritual and emotional bypassing. Integral Life has a great international community and thus these session are deep and lively. See you there?

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