UPDATE March 2021

I'm facilitating two ongoing weekly group offerings for the Integral Life Practice community, a guided non-dual awareness practice called Zero to Awake and No Hindrance, a practice joining voice dialogue and awareness to work with spiritual and emotional bypassing. Integral Life has a great international community and thus these session are deep and lively. See you there?

New Podcast Interview

Integral Life

I recently was interviewed by Claire Villarreal on the Letting Grow podcast. We talked about the joys and challenges of monastic life, why I left, and what it’s like to explore a new identity after being defined by one role for years.

New Blog Posts, Talks and Guided Meditations

There is a new blog piece, What is Shadow Work? Understanding and Transformation With Shadow Work Exercises. I've also added new videos at the bottom of all the offering pages to give you a feel for my style and approach.

Universe Somatic

Weekly Practice Class Mondays at 7pm PST

Universe Somatic is an ongoing weekly practice that integrates a non-dual approach to awareness, movement and energy work with a spirit of experimentation and playfulness. This practice draws on its vision and methods from Dzogchen and Zen with energy work and polarities practices brought in from Paratheatre and Voice Dialogue. Expect to be enlivened and challenged!


Zen Retreats

I'm leading monthly meditation retreats with Zen Community of Oregon. In January, a one day Home Hermitage Retreat, in February a weekend embodied loving-kindness retreat, and with Chozen Bays, Roshi co-leading a long retreat exploring death and the dream of life.

Check out the ZCO events calendar for more information.


Want a soundtrack to meditate, medicine journey or expand your mind with?

I'm still doing Beyond the Sound mixes, curating a style i call Ethno-Cosmik Analog.

There are dozens of journeys for your pleasure-resonance. Check it out!

   Sound Meditation

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