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Embrace of the Sun and Moon

September / October

Online class and workshop offerings for October


Towards A New Way: Spiritual Training For Deep Adaptation

Co-leading with Amy Kisei.

Friday Eve - Sunday Afternoon, October 7 - 9


Out of discussions on how to respond and offer what we can as anxiety deepens in climate crisis and amplified political duality, Kisei and i are pleased to present Buddhist teachings, with a dash of other influences, as a menu for spiritual resilience and refuge in/with whatever may come.


This retreat will combine teachings, practices and group process touching on themes including:


  • Equanimity, personal and transpersonal comfort zone

  • Breaking self imposed limitations

  • How a broken heart is a window into Compassion

  • The dream-like nature of reality

  • Karma, intention and Vow

  • Crisis as a catalyst for creativity 

  • Necessity of spiritual community and newly imagined Sangha



Transforming The Inner Critic through San Francisco Zen Center

 Saturday, October 15th


Self-punitive, inner judgement is a dirty fuel that isn't sustainable and drains the pleasure from spiritual practice or any life, for that matter, that is seeking beauty, truth and joy. The good news?- it is workable, your life could have alot less inner critic in it and discerning wisdom, instead.


Mandala Of the Self: Dream Work Class Series

Co-leading with Amy Kisei

October 11, 18, 25 & November 1

Tuesdays 6P - 8P PT/ 9P- 11P ET


The inquiry into what we human beings are at depth is the primary inquiry in Dharma practice. Dreams are one such invitation where we can come to know ourselves: the tender, the mysterious, the fearful, the beautiful and .... Dreams show us our conflicts, our fears and open the door to worlds beyond what we thought possible.

In this class series we will be looking at dreams as a 'read out' of the 'Self'.  Call it a way of lightening our shadows and embracing all we contain. Dreams also offer us insight into the empty yet apparent nature of experience.




 Other News


Check out New Directions in Meditation Tonalities by

Omni Gardens & Zen Monk Jogen


In 2019 i recorded some spontaneous guided meditations over my friend Steve's oceanic synthesizer soundscapes and now it's released to the wider world, on digital and cassette!


Clarify and Catalyze your practice


For those on this mailing list, i'm offering new clients a package of

4 sessions for $300. We could use this time to clarify a particular inner/outer conflict, refine and renew your meditation practice, explore dreams and more.

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