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Monthly Home Hermitage -days of meditation

'Yes, yes, retreat practice. But why confront the dragons?'


Because your essential nature is sacred, translucent consciousness, paradoxically untouched and unburdened by anything and in union with everything. Intimate and free and feeling, the freedom to be intimate with life. Glimpsing this as a truth of your direct experience is good, marinating in it for prolonged periods is, in my opinion, really good.


I wish to support as many people as i can in having the experience of deep dives into meditation so i'm going to be hosting through Zen Community of Oregon monthly, online, donation based days of home hermitage- retreat in your living room, office, garage, closet, backyard-whereever .


Daily practice is wonderful, and, for most of us the wonders of spaciousness, peace and perfection, meditation’s deeper gifts, reveal themselves within periods of more sustained practice.


So you're invited, whatever your level of experience. I'll be offering plenty of guidance but not too much so that silence will also be a teacher in the mix.


The first one is next month, Sunday Feb 25th, followed by Sunday March 31 and then Sunday May 5th.


Here's the basic schedule below, more information and registration here


Session 1         8:00am – 10 PT

Session 2.       1:00pm – 3:00 PT
Session 3        5:00pm – 7:00 PT

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