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Are you looking to develop or deepen your meditation practice? Would you like a personal meditation coach to support and offer guidance to make your way? ​ It is rare to find a qualified meditation teacher who takes the time to discover who you are and what you’re working with in your life. There are different approaches to meditation - it’s not one size fits all. Books and brief encounters with teachers don’t necessarily offer you the appropriate way to practice - how could they?





I function as a personal guide and support for you to navigate the challenges and mysteries of the beautiful path of awareness. Working one on one with a meditation teacher can really empower the development of your practice.  You receive perspective on where you’re at and direct guidance for navigating the ups and downs of the path. The warm connection and encouragement of a relationship with someone who shares your aspiration is supportive. One on one work opens the opportunity to ‘attune’ with the state of mind of an experienced teacher. And  lastly, skillful method : awareness methods that meets your life conditions, aspiration and state of mind as it evolves in real time.

I work with beginning and advanced students.  I begin by making an initial connection and seeing if there is a mutual sense of comfort and affinity. From there, I listen and discover who you are, who you’ve been, and what your aspirations are. Then we design your daily practice.

​A 90 minute session typically consists of an initial settling in to presence, a check-in and discussion of how the practice is going in the various dimensions of your life, and a guided meditation with fine-tunings or supportive methods for your continuing practice. This guided meditation is recorded for you to use.

For seasoned practitioners, I can assist in renewing your appreciation and sense of possibility in awareness work, help you overcome entrenched obstacles and support your practice illuminating and opening into more areas of your life. Voice Dialogue facilitation could be a helpful method to bring for this as well. I can also support you in creating and conducting private retreats.

Open Reciprocity Pricing

Sliding Scale $50 - 150

per 90 min session

To make this work available to anyone with a desire for transformation, please pay what is appropriate for your financial situation. The sliding scale allows those with greater financial capacity to support those with more need. This open reciprocity model is based on generosity and honors the exchange of energy between us, supports awareness work in the world, and allows this work to be accessible to more individuals.

For appointments or inquiries please contact me here. 

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