Integrated Awareness

 Integrated Awareness work is a way of working together where we use a multitude of methods to facilitate our waking up. This supports a balanced spiritual and emotional maturation. More broadly, Integrated Awareness work embraces the two great dimensions of human unfolding, sometimes called Spirit and Soul.


The work of Spirit is deep Awareness--- knowing intimately how we are woven into the fabric of being, opening to the dreamlike nature of life, and practicing the great way of Unknowing. Through these we recover our native spaciousness and ease and connect with a meaning-fullness that transcends the particular situations of our lives. The practices of spirit work include meditation, non-dual awareness practices, inquiry into belief systems and identity structures and opening the subtle energies of the body. In one-on-one facilitations, I offer personally tailored meditations and practices at each step of your unfolding.​



Soul work listens to our everyday longing , dreaming, and interpersonal relating for the pulse of our unfolding. It is informed by archetypal understanding, that our life and patterns of being are timeless and meaningful because they are connected to universal forces. The practices of soul work include voice dialogue facilitations, *edgework, dream unfolding, *ritual work and more.

Why undertake this?

Working one on one with an awareness teacher catalyzes transformation.  You receive perspective on where you’re at and direct guidance for navigating the ups and downs of the path. You benefit from the warm connection and encouragement of a relationship with someone who shares your aspiration and the opportunity to ‘resonate’ with the state of mind of an experienced teacher. 


Where we start

I work with beginning and advanced students.  We begin by making an initial connection and seeing if there is a mutual sense of comfort and affinity. From there, I listen and discover who you are, who you’ve been, and what your aspirations are.  This is followed by guidance that meets your life conditions and state of mind as they evolve in real time.

*edgework, sometimes called shadow work, is turning towards and bringing our practice into the places in our life where understanding and spaciousness are lacking.

*ritual work is using image, symbol, physical offerings and gestures to communicate, resonate and harmonize with forces we would like support from.


Open Reciprocity Pricing

Sliding Scale $50 - 150

per 90 min session

To make this work available to anyone with a desire for transformation, please pay what is appropriate for your financial situation. The sliding scale allows those with greater financial capacity to support those with more need. This open reciprocity model is based on generosity and honors the exchange of energy between us, supports awareness work in the world, and allows this work to be accessible to more individuals.

For appointments or inquiries please contact me here.


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