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  • Personal guidance and facilitation with uncovering, understanding and reclaiming lost, rejected or unknown parts of yourself.

  • Bring insight to blindspots, stop self-sabotage, renew vitality and embrace the whole of yourself and others.

  • For anyone ready to look into their heart and mind for the sake of authenticity and a whole-hearted offering of their gifts to the world.

Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” This is shadow work -  practices and contemplations that illuminate the under-known corners of our body, heart and mind.  


Why undertake this?  So we know who we are, thoroughly. So we don't live a compartmentalized life. So we don't cause harm based in ignorance of energies and motives that live in us. So we include the whole of who we are in awareness and then have the foundation to embrace the whole of others.


Shadow work with me brings guided awareness practice and facilitation through Parts Work modality (Voice Dialogue, Process Work) into union for a potent alchemy that addresses spiritual bypassing,  personality fixations, haunting negativities and welcoming more of who you are in authenticity.

Open Reciprocity Pricing

Sliding Scale $100 - 200

per 75 min session

To make this work available to anyone with a desire for transformation, the sliding scale allows those with greater financial capacity to support those with more need. This open reciprocity model is based on generosity and honors the exchange of energy between us, supports awareness work in the world, and allows this work to be accessible to more individuals.

I have some open slots at a discounted rate with priority given to monastics, yogis and yoginis, dharma teachers and those involved in social justice work. Please reach out if interested.

I am also offering one off 45 minute ‘laser-style’ coaching sessions for $50.


  • Highly focused sessions zeroing in on the heart of what you’re meeting in your practice.

  • May include voice dialogue, somatic energy work, meditation coaching, dream exploration and more.

For appointments and more info about how we can practice this together please contact me here.

Jogen on Shadow Work

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