Shadow Work

for Spiritual Practitioners

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung

This is the essence and motivation to undertake shadow work -  practices, investigation and contemplations that illuminate the darkened corners of our heart and mind.  Why?  So we know who we are, thoroughly. So we don't live a compartmentalized life. So we don't cause harm based in ignorance of energies and motives that live in us. So we include all of life, all of who we are, in awareness. We embrace the whole of ourselves and then we have the foundation to embrace the whole of others.

Buddhist and other contemplative practices bring us deep transformation. And yet even after decades of practice they may not address the wounds we carry, they might not illuminate blindspots we live in and they might not bring about the wise relationship to emotions we hoped it would. This is why I offer a specialized form of shadow work specifically for Dharma practitioners and yogis and yoginis of other traditions.


How do you work with upsurges of energy and emotion or old resentments breaking though the paved over past? What about 'golden shadows', the positive qualities that we disown and project onto others? How to reclaim them? How do you bring the spacious mind you touch in your seated practice into your work, love and play? What might be getting in the way?


Shadow work with me brings guided awareness and emptiness practice ( Zen, Dzogchen) and facilitation through Parts Work modality ( Voice Dialogue, Process Work, Big Mind) into union for a potent alchemy that will illuminate spiritual bypassing, help dissolve crusty personality fixations and welcome more of who you are as an expression of Truth.

There are three areas of focus: Clearing, Including and Embodying. Together we design the degree of immersion in each area and the specificity of what we focus on.


  • Discerning spiritual normatives and internalized ideals i.e. ‘this is how a practitioner should be…’ that manifest as performative identities involving suppression that are dissonant with our authentic embodiment of practice.

  • Parts work with the Five Hindrances/Five Emotions as universal forces that manifest through individual consciousness.

  • Parts work with obstructive voices that arise when undertaking spiritual practice such as It Doesn’t Matter, I’m too_____ , Comfort Sponge, Maintainer of the Status Quo, I Understand The Dharma, etc.

  • Parts work with wherever identity still contracts the expanse of awareness. Where and how does the ego still coalesce a sense of separate self?



  • Exploring areas of spiritual bypass and owning these abandoned or disowned parts of ourselves i.e. ‘ how I shouldn’t be..’ May include voices around sexuality, the Dreamer, Playfulness, Sorrow, etc. 

  • You learn to touch in with transpersonal parts/energies through facilitations in energies such as the Four Immeasurables,“Timeless Witness”, “Everything Is Ok”, “Not Being Anybody”, “Beauty” and “Great Kindness”.

  • Parts work with allies i.e Seeker of Truth and Indestructible Bodhichitta


  • Essential Polarities- Here we get into primal energy patterns including Yes and No, Feminine and Masculine, Being and Doing, Sacred and Mundane, etc.      

  • The Three Centers- We tune into and embody the distilled energies of Head, Heart and Gut.                      

  • Facilitation revisits key parts previous worked with and adds in the practice of shunyata, touching into the dream-like transparency of the selves.​

  • High Dream - Low Dream. There is a part of us with a generative, enlivening outlook on our life. And there is a part of us that doesn’t see possibility. We explore in facilitation these positive and negative visionaries within us and the selves that align or argue with them

  • Creative Blocks-- We specifically explore parts/selves that obstruct creative expression. What blocks writing? Why are we tired when we think of rehearsal? What is this voice that says “I have nothing to offer ”?


Open Reciprocity Pricing

Sliding Scale $50 - 150

per 90 min session

To make this work available to anyone with a desire for transformation, please pay what is appropriate for your financial situation. The sliding scale allows those with greater financial capacity to support those with more need. This open reciprocity model is based on generosity and honors the exchange of energy between us, supports awareness work in the world, and allows this work to be accessible to more individuals.

For appointments or inquiries please contact me here. 

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