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  • Move into the different perspectives within you and let them speak freely with the guidance and receptivity of a skilled facilitator.

  • Find acceptance, understanding and freedom with all the parts of yourself.

  • For anyone wanting integration, self-compassion, personal growth, or awareness.

In this playful, liberating parts-work method, we speak to various voices, or 'selves'. These selves often have distinct ways of seeing, thinking, feeling, and being. The practice of Voice Dialogue is developing the capacity for welcoming, understanding, and including the whole of yourself.


Aware Ego & Example Selves

How is Voice Dialogue Transformative?​

  • Getting to know the selves that are primary and central in your daily life, listening and understanding their perspectives, motivations, needs, and gifts. 

  • Coming to know vulnerable, neglected and rejected selves that hold energies vital for our wholeness.


  • Development of Aware Ego process, the capacity to choicefully include and care for our selves with balance and spaciousness. None of the selves are the 'one true self'. With Aware Ego process, you open an ability to fluidly move in and out of selves and to access their energy and perspective, not getting stuck in any particular self and its outlook and habit patterns.

Voice Dialogue needs to be experienced directly. It’s an embodied, energetic, felt reality. I offer a free consult and a short initial experience of voice dialogue so you can see if it is a good fit for you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a consult or session.

Background: Voice Dialogue was developed in the early ‘70s by Hal Stone, P.h.D and Sidra Stone, P.h.D, psychotherapists with training in Jungian and Gestalt approaches. It has been used by hundreds of therapists, coaches and spiritual teachers to facilitate consciousness growth.


I was introduced to Voice Dialogue in 2003 by Hogen Bays, Roshi, and Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi, both of whom studied directly with Hal and Sidra Stone. It has been the most transformative practice in my life alongside from meditation. I’ve done Voice Dialogue facilitators training with J’aime Ona Pangaia, Hogen Bays, Roshi and completed a 175 hour facilitators training with Miriam Dyak and Cassandra Cosme De Pree of the Voice Dialogue Institute.


Open Reciprocity Pricing

Sliding Scale $100 - 200

per 75 min session

To make this work available to anyone with a desire for transformation, the sliding scale allows those with greater financial capacity to support those with more need. This open reciprocity model is based on generosity and honors the exchange of energy between us, supports awareness work in the world, and allows this work to be accessible to more individuals.


I have some open slots at a discounted rate with priority given to monastics, yogis and yoginis, dharma teachers and those involved in social justice work. Please reach out if interested. 

I am also offering one off 45 minute ‘laser-style’ coaching sessions for $50.


  • Highly focused sessions zeroing in on the heart of what you’re meeting in your practice.

  • May include voice dialogue, somatic energy work, meditation coaching, dream exploration and more.

For appointments or inquiries please contact me here.

Jogen on Voice Dialogue

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