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Synergy of Meditation and Movement

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Universe Somatic is a weekly practice led by Jogen Salzberg, Sensei that integrates meditation, movement and imagination with a spirit of experimentation and playfulness.

We open our bodies, spirits and minds and touch thorough-going embodiment, sky wide awareness with the juiciness of curious exploration.

The heart of our class is a gentle flow between the stillness of meditation to the dynamism of movement. 

The meditation practice is open awareness meditation supported by various guided instruction.


From the stillness and openness of the sitting sessions, we transition to multifaceted movement phases that entice us into an appreciation of the simple joy of embodiment. Each week we are invited to explore different polarities such as feminine and masculine, dream and waking, sky and earth.  Polarities are different each week, keeping the practice lively and engaging.  


An example of a movement session may be working with one of the 5 elements such as Water, inviting and embodying the quality of fluidity in order to soften rigidity in ourselves. The movement sessions open and enliven us in various ways and we bring those qualities back into the sitting sessions.


Following the main practice, we close with a group dialogue about our work of the evening.


This practice draws on its vision and methods from Dzogchen and Zen with movement and polarities practices brought in from Paratheatre and Butoh.

In Universe Somatic we explore the union of spaciousness and energy and find that contemplative practice can be embodied, expressive and not fixated on quietude. 

*Pointing out style: When a teacher, from their own experience, directly indicates the liberated nature of awareness at this very moment.

Jogen on Universe Somatic

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