Universe Somatic

Weekly Practice Class Mondays 7 - 9

Beginning December 28th


Universe Somatic is a weekly practice led by Jogen Salzberg, Sensei that integrates a non-dual approach to awareness, movement and energy work with a spirit of experimentation and playfulness.

The point is the perfection of every instant as the intercoursing of space and energy. The point is that contemplative practice can be expressive, embodied, fun and not fixated on quietude.  





Each session begins with group synergy practices on the personal, energetic and aspirational levels. We greet each other over tea, do an exercise to connect as a communal body and then sing, chant or recite an excerpt from a *Dzogchen tantra.


I then lead a guided nature of mind *pointing out style sequence to taste and celebrate our awakened nature. 


We then move into the heart of the session, the alternating sitting and movement practice. The sitting practice is trekcho/shikantaza style open awareness supported by various means such as vocal toning. 


 From the stillness and openness of the sitting sessions, with the judging and self-conscious mind quieted to one degree or another, we move into the movement phase. The movement phase is multifaceted. It’s a time to appreciate the simple miracle and joy of the living body, a time to connect with energies and emotions we have difficulty inhabiting and an opportunity to cut through hindrances to awakened awareness on an energetic level.


For example, in a movement session we may work with one of the 5 elements such as Water, inviting and embodying the quality of fluidity in order to soften rigidity in ourselves. The movement sessions open and enliven us in various ways and we bring those qualities back into the sitting sessions.


Following the main practice, in lieu of the traditional dharma talk, each person undertakes a short *parts work or *polarity ritual practice that addresses a challenging or compelling tension of opposites in their life and practice. 


We then close with a group dialogue about our work of the evening.


This practice draws on its vision and methods from Dzogchen and Zen with energy work and polarities practices brought in from Paratheatre and Voice Dialogue.


This gathering is open to everyone interested, though expect to be both enlivened and challenged.


 Class fee is sliding scale $10 - 30. PayPal or Venmo jogen.salzberg@gmail.com with 'class registration' as a note to receive the upcoming class’s link.


*Dzogchen tantra: Dzogchen tantras are the original Great Perfection awakening teachings of India. They are expressions and celebrations of that connect us with the reality of our primordial freedom


*Pointing out style: Pointing-out style instruction is when a teacher, from their own experience, directly indicates the liberated nature of awareness at this very moment.


*Parts work: Parts work is getting to know specific parts of our selves through directly dialoguing with them. This process also serves to increase spaciousness in oneself as the various voices that are ‘tangled’ up as me, are teased apart and appreciate as simply a part of who I am.

More info at solisluna.org/voice-dialogue


  *Polarity ritual practices -  “The overall objective of polarity work is to render the emotional ego more flexible. By repeated exposure to opposing sides of one's nature, it becomes more difficult to fixate on any one side over the other. A more malleable ego results, one that can permit more reality. The body acts as a kind of alchemical alembic, or vessel, containing, mixing, transforming, distilling, and refining the union of opposites produced by ongoing polarity work…” - Antero Alli from State Of Emergence

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