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Self, Other, Not Other, Not Self- Towards Authenticity and Opening In Relationships

October 8, 15, 22, 29 & November 5th

Sundays 3 - 5PM PT/ 6 - 8PM ET

Led By Amy Kisei & Jogen Salzberg

This 5 part class will be a buffet of contemplation, conversation, and practices to nourish, refresh and deepen our relationships in their various forms: mates, lovers, partners, colleagues, teacher-student and more. 


Our template for exploration will be both parts work ( voice dialogue, IFS) and Buddhist teachings.


How do we allow our inevitable relational conflicts to act as compost–nourishing and enriching the soil of our relating? 


What does it mean to see relationships as dharma gates to deeper truth, intimacy, love and non-duality?


Relationships are an energetic dance with juicy, enriching and playful potential yet often tend towards stale patterning, as we begin to find ourselves seemingly stuck in bonding patterns and relational roles. 


How do we dance with the universal pattern-attractors of Parent/Child and/or Power/Vulnerability? 


How do we navigate our own needs and desires with that of another? 


Our Themes:


WEEK 1- AUTHENTICITY AMIDST ILLUSIONS.  Exposing and exploring the explicit and implicit agreements in relationships. How to dismantle disappointment’s drain, to separate our demands on people from reasonable wishes for respectability and reciprocity? Meeting the Unconditioned Heart, how spaciousness is a resource for our loving.

WEEK 2 – GETTING OUT OF THE COURT ROOM.  Carl Jung said “Where there is the will to power, there is no love. Where there is love, there is no will to power”. Seeing the cases we build against each other, working with the inviolable dualistic loneliness of Being Right/Being Wrong. What can be done to get back to listening and love?

WEEK 3 – RUPTURE, REPAIR AND RESTORING CONNECTIONRelational conflict is part of human relationships, and can be such an opportunity for deepening intimacy, understanding and compassion. Kintsugi is the ancient practice of repairing ceramics with gold, making the cracked bowl a more beautiful vessel than the original. Cracks are how the light gets in - what then?

WEEK 4 – NAVIGATING POLARITIESA living relationship is not simple. We’ll explore our own inner conflicts or competing desires for: independence/togetherness, safety/vulnerability, desire for secrecy or staying private / desire to be seen and known completely

WEEK 5 – REAL TIME RELATING AS DHARMA'S PRACTICEPresence, Surrender, Generosity, Non-Duality, Beauty, Not-Knowing- if not here and now with this person, then where?

About the teachers- jogen and kisei are imperfect relators who were imperfect partners for 7 years and transitioned to good friends and teaching partners in the wake of their separation. They continue to work their edges at showing up with people with consciousness and are offering this class in that spirit. They are Dharma teachers with backgrounds in parts-work, voice dialogue and IFS.

This is a donation based offering. Register by making a donation of any amount through the front page and include a note that it is for this class.

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