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Hello!  My name is Adam Jogen Salzberg, Sensei and I'm the facilitator for SolisLuna. I'm an ordained Zen Buddhist teacher with Dharma Transmission with full teaching authorization in the Soto Zen lineage from  Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi. I've practiced meditation for 25 years including 15 years of full time residential practice and study in a Zen Buddhist monastery.  Over three years of that time was spent in intensive silent meditation retreat. I've also done extensive practice and study in the non-dual meditation tradition of Dzogchen, Voice Dialogue and Process Work.


I have so much gratitude for my years of meditation training. It has taught me many things: how to find comfort and aliveness within uncertainty, an ability to abide in the openness of not-knowing, how to

trust the spontaneous intuitions of my heart, the way to extract meaning from times of difficulty, some measure of equanimity with death and change, much less judgement of myself and others, intimate somatic embodiment and more. All of this learning came from the discovery and practice of awareness.

Since 2007 I've taught classes, led retreats and worked one on one with hundreds of students with the Zen Community of Oregon, Reed College, Emory University, Integral LifeConscious Eating Community and more.

I’m a lifelong record collector and music devotee. In Portland I conduct a sound meditation offering, Beyond the Sound, where I create soundscapes for listening meditation on turntables and tape decks.

Listen to the soundscapes here.

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