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Emergent Jewel of Mind:

Evolving Multi-Perspectival Awareness


Tuesday October 6th, 2020

7 - 8:30pm



“Any belief or point of view we cling to limits our intelligence,

 even this one”


In this hour and a half facilitated group process that brings meditation and Voice Dialogue together, participants will discover and deepen an emerging capacity of the human mind. This is the ability to embody, understand and see through the eyes of a wide range of beliefs and points of view without becoming exclusively invested in or identified with their outlook. Embodying, taking on and understanding outlooks we aren’t familiar with or tend to reject expands our mind and heart and makes a wider range of connection with ourselves and others possible. Jogen will guide the group into a receptive, open state of mind and then into the various outlooks one by one, resonating and dialoguing with each to unfold and embody them deeply. By moving into and embodying one outlook after another, within the wide welcome of awareness, we deepen our ability to be somebody, everybody and nobody.


We will work with fundamental pairs of outlooks such as:


Righteousness  —  Openness

Hopelessness   —  Optimism

My life is small and insignificant  — My life is vast and impactful


Please join this lively and liberating practice!

All are welcome, none are turned away.

Sliding scale suggested donation  $5  -  $35

Please email or sign up below

to enroll and receive the zoom link.

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