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  • Awareness and acceptance of your inner voices 

  • Clarifying your deeper purpose & vision

  • Cultivating ease & non-reactivity

  • Opening to the deeper self

  • Unwinding knots in relationships

  • Unfolding the wisdom of Dream

  • Embracing & inhabiting difficult emotions

  • Healing & expanding the Heart 


"Jogen brings a range of skills to the session-- connectivity, authentic care, ancient wisdom, and a timely understanding of individual and intergenerational trauma. These have helped me gain a deep understanding of what's "under the hood" in my mind and my heart." -Christy

"Our sessions have stretched my heart like a balloon. I have found self love in unexplored corners of my being." -Tom

"Jogen's many years of practice manifest in the energy and clarity he brings to each session. I would recommend him to anyone looking to deepen their practice or better understand their mind and heart.” -Peter

"Jogen's compassionate curiosity for all the different perspectives that make up this ever-shifting psyche help me to loosen my grip on very old beliefs and to embody and express parts of myself that I just haven’t known how to make space for. I just really trust in the beneficence and kindness of Jogen’s intention and offering." -Maggie

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Mountains in Clouds