Mandala Of the Self: A Dream Work Retreat -

Led By Amy Kisei & Jogen Salzberg

June 3-4

Friday evening 6PM - 7:30PM PT, 

Saturday 9AM - 12PM & 2PM - 5PM PT

$75 - $150 sliding scale

Do all dreams bring us back to ourselves? Often dreams contain apparent conflicts and polarities, a read out of inner conflicts or opposing forces in our lives and the world. Appreciating these polarities and how they are in relationship with each other is an important aspect of integrating them, and returning to wholeness.


In this weekend workshop we will step into Dreaming together and explore our night time dreams as read-outs of energetic polarities, (open/closed, masculine/feminine) alive in ourselves and the world.  Through art and embodied practices we will thread these dream polarities into waking reality.


Please bring a night-time dream. It could be a recent one or one that you had a long time ago. 


We will also be working with embodiment practices and basic art media. Prepare your space so that you can move comfortably a 4ft by 4ft area or more is good.


We will also have the opportunity to paint, draw, sculpt or collage some dream figures / images. Bring some paper, pens/markers for note-taking and then supplies for whichever art medium you would like to use. If you have one, you may wish to bring your dream journal.

Register by contacting me below.