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Shadow Work For Dharma Practitioners -

From the Perspective of Buddhism and Spiritual Bypassing

Led By Jogen Salzberg

Fall 2022

The topics that will be covered in this 3-class series:


  • Discerning internalized, unhelpful spiritual ideals (‘this is how a practitioner should be’ )


  • Exploring ways we might perform being a dharma practitioner that are dissonant with an authentic embodiment of practice.

  • Spiritual Bypassing- what it is, why most of us will do it at some time in our practice, how to work with it.


  • Directly exploring marginalized parts of ourselves that have become disowned


  • Parts work with the five hindrances, the kleshas, and voices such as ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, ‘I’m too_____ ‘, ‘Comfort Sponge’, ‘Maintainer of the Status Quo’, ‘The Knower’ and more.


We will be expose and shed prejudices and beliefs that limit our seeing and supporting each other on the path.


We will work with emotions and attitudes that are ‘off the radar’ of our meditation practices - the things we don’t see about ourselves that are alienating or even dangerous to the well being of others.


This course is for anyone interested in ‘widening the altar’- bringing the whole range of who and what you are onto the path.

Meditation practices are deep medicine to clear away identification with and hold in spaciousness limiting experiences about who we are: “ I am my thoughts, I am my body, I am my feelings…” With devoted practice even “ I am “ is seen in a whole new light.


Still, meditation practices may leave ‘embedded’ views, beliefs and prejudices untouched by our insights. Sometimes it seems to effect change one-sidedly, our emotional-somatic being left out of the process of transformation. More on shadow work here.

Suggested Donation $45 - 150

Email me to register or with any questions.

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