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Living The Koan of Masculinity 


 Online Group Practice Cohort

Facilitated by Adam Jogen Salzberg, Sensei and assistants.

8 Thursday Evenings 7 - 9:00  +  one Saturday afternoon

Masculine and Feminine energies exist within all of us. They transcend our biological sex, sexual orientation and social conditioning. With masculine orientations and energies, however, there is tremendous confusion with understanding and embodying them in a balanced and healthy way. Toxic Masculinity is a charged topic in our culture and for good reason!

Koan  of Masculinity.jpg

Let’s explore, inhabit and clarify the range of masculine energies in ourselves and the culture.  Let’s sort out what is ‘toxic’ and what is beautiful in our manifestation of them. Then we can bring light to the shadows and consciously embody what will most deeply serve.


If this resonates, you’re invited to join this practice cohort.



Group Discussion - Topics will be sourced from the cohort.  Some possibilities include: shame, fear, sexuality, what is masculinity?

Parts Work With A Range of Masculine Voices - With a facilitated blend of *Voice Dialogue and guided awareness, embodying, understanding the dynamics of and discovering space with facets of Masculinity.

Anima Retrieval - As a group, identifying those qualities we have out-sourced (projected) onto female identifying persons and then tapping them in our own being through *Parts Work practice and then in our daily lives.

Holistic Embodiment - The stereotype of masculine oriented people being up in their heads rings true for a lot of us! When our embodiment is full-spectrum our showing up in the world can be full-spectrum. We will learn and practice methods for inhabiting and opening four somatic centers - Throat, Heart, Belly and Sex. After some facility with this we then learn and practice integrating all four.

Working with Sexuality and Sexual Energy - Dialogue and inquiry into pornography, masturbation, sublimation and sacrifice. Learning methods for waking up with sexual energy.

Transmutation of Anger - We will explore and inhabit the spectrum of Anger, from everyday irritation to fierce, firm yet caring presence.

Fear - Looking at shame and denial of fear in ourselves, owning fear, embodying it, listening to and learning from it. Relating to fear as energy. Learning methods to consciously transmute it into an empowering force.

Weight of Saturn - Saturn is the cosmological archetype of seriousness, responsibility and structure.  We will explore and inquire into mission oriented ‘hero-patterns’, ability or inability to play and our relationship to commitment. 

Edgework - Discerning and undertaking generative, healing tasks around things in our life we avoid or don’t want to approach, building our capacity for bravery and expanding our identity . 

The balance of the curriculum of this cohort will be chosen group design style - the participants will decide by vote which of the above themes, chosen by Jogen and his assistants, to highlight and focus on.

Please reach out with any questions and or to initiate a ​dialogue about joining the cohort. Limited to 10 participants. The cost is sliding scale $150 -300. Registration closes February 14th, 2021.

Please contact me here for registration.

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